• Easy Speaker Bourbon 375ml/750ml

    Easy Speaker Bourbon 375ml/750ml

    Our Easy Speaker Bourbon Whiskey is made using locally grown and malted corn; then aged in small hand-crafted oak barrels, made in New York State, to impart an exceptionally smoother flavor in an optimum amount of time. All of this contributing to a supremely silky bourbon.


  • Ishka Triple Malt Whiskey 375ml/750ml

    Ishka Triple Malt Whiskey 375ml/750ml

    Ishka (the phonetical spelling of Uisce Beatha which literally means “water of life” in Irish Gaelic) is our triple malt whiskey. Our Triple Malt Whiskey is distilled from a blend of New York State grown malted corn, malted barley, and malted rye. Years went into the perfection of our whiskey, aging it out in 10-gallon oak barrels for an exceptionally smooth flavor.


  • Silver Moon Vodka 375ml/750ml

    Silver Moon Vodka 375ml/750ml

    Our Silver Moon Vodka is distilled from a blend of locally grown potatoes. It took us years (no, we’re not exaggerating) to find just the right blend of different potato varieties to give our vodka it’s super smooth and delicious flavor. Combined with our fresh mountain spring water, we have created a clean, crisp flavored vodka perfect for drinking straight-up or mixed.


  • Silver Moon Apple Vodka 375ml

    Silver Moon Apple Vodka 375ml

    We love apples! After picking our own trees clean, we raided apple trees along the back roads, to give us that perfect blend of cultivated and wild apples. Not only is our Apple Flavored Vodka distilled from apples, but before we bottle it, we steep our apple vodka in crocks with more apples. Giving a real apple flavor.